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Geiriau o Hiraeth

It's All About Me...!

24 March
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March 2004:

I used to be an angel
And then I came down to earth.

Belfast to Nijmegen to Church Village to Cardiff to Milton Keynes (stopping over in a few Scottish towns, villages and cities along the way).

I used to be a bad girl
And now I'm very good.

I like a lot of stuff. Some stuff irritates me. Expect ranting and bad poetry from this Celt with Viking blood (I blame my mother).

May 2004:

I used to live with a land-locked sailor. Now my chariot only has two wheels. Life is interesting.

April 2006:

Some things change and some remain the same. Love still rules my life, and creativity sometimes won't let me sleep, and I now attend professionally to the quality of products rather than minds, but I'm still me, and it's all good.

My chariot is now purely metaphysical.

November 2006:

November 2007:

I appear to have started to help run performance poetry nights, after having been performing a bit for the last eighteen months.

September 2008:

Some bugger cut me! (In the name of getting a benign tumour the size of an ambitious grapefruit out of me, to be fair.)

March 2009:

This poetry lark's taking off somewhat!

October 2009:

I live and work in Cambridge! How did that happen?!

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